Tungsten Alloy Specifications as per ASTM B777-15

(Also known as Mallory 1000®, Densalloy®, Fansteel 77® and Densimet®)

If you are looking for Tungsten Alloy by specification, and cannot find that specification number on this website, you may have an old specification number.

These alloys have been specified by the government and various association with different specification numbers throughout the years.

Originally, Tungsten Alloy was specified as AMS 7725. This was later superseded by MIL-T-21014 (0) Class 1, which sometime thereafter changed to MIL-T-21014 Class 1 thru 4.  Finally, this was changed to ASTM B777-15 Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4.

In addition, Tungsten Alloys have also been referred to by their trade names including Mallory 1000, Densalloy, Fansteel 77, and Densimet.

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