Tungsten Alloy Products as per ASTM B777-15

(Also known as Mallory 1000®, Densalloy®, Fansteel 77® and Densimet®)

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Tungsten Alloy in a variety of forms and dimensions. But, it is very important to realize that the fabrication process for Tungsten Alloy does not lend itself to the manufacture of standard size forms (such as plate, sheet, rod/bar, etc.), as one would expect with other alloys.

Since Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals (6180°F/3420°C) casting Tungsten Alloy products/components/parts is not possible. Therefore, Tungsten Alloys are produced by powder metallurgy techniques which has size limitations. However, this offers the advantage that small batch quantities or single pieces can be manufactured cost effectively. At times it is more economical and efficient to produce a series of smaller parts instead of one large part. These smaller parts can then be assembled into a larger unit by press fitting, mechanical fastening, brazing, etc.

EFI Tungsten Alloy Grades

* Non-Magnetic Composition

Tungsten Alloy Rod

0.125" to 6.0" Lengths -- 8.0" to 12.0" Diameters -- Supplied ROTF (Rough Oversize to Finish) or centerless ground to customer specification.

If you require Tungsten Alloy in another form or shape, please call our materials experts at 800-348-6268; our team is very knowledgeable and waiting to assist you.